Jonthan Redips


-Come out, come out where ever you are
-Trying to get out but they keep pulling me back in
-Held by a thread
-Beware of the badge
-Birds of a feather flock together

Physical 2
Mental 2
Social 2

Great- Stealth, Alertness
Good- Burglary, Deceit
Fair- Survival, Investigation
Average- Weapons, Scholarship

Stunts & Powers
Beast Change (-1)
Echoes of the beast (-1)
Human Form (+1)
Addictive Saliva (-1)
Claws (-1)
Spider Walk (-1)
Cloak of Shadows (-1)

Skills in Spider form
Great- Intimidation, Athletics
Good- Stealth, Alertness
Fair- Survival, Fists
Average- Deceit, Empathy


My name is Jonathan Redips and I am a were-spider. I am of a secretive race who’s purpose in life has been wanting world domination. They have been gathering in numbers, getting people into some key positions in the world and waiting for their chance to strike. I on the other hand could care less about taking over the world, blah, blah, blah……. I am a thief, burglar by trade and I enjoy my job and life. Unfortunately there have been occasions where my family (race) have had me do certain jobs for them, which I will not go into detail; therefore “if I told you I’d have to kill you.” So growing up on the streets I met several people who taught me the ins and outs of thievery and burglary, and with the skills they taught me and my spider changing ways I found out I was really good at it and getting away. I have a few particular items and some decent cash stashed away for my rainy days. Trying to get away from my family, some how always found me and had me do certain jobs which I did and was always paid for to. So growing up in the Hartford area has had its perks and its downfalls. Hot nasty summers, which made business good for me because people took vacations away from home :). I enjoy the fall and winter seasons the best its cold and I love the cold.

Jonthan Redips

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