Teens Gone Missing

Start of campaign

So it begins

The campaign starts with the PC’s sitting in the A.N.G. bar. A Warden enters and convinces the players to look for missing teens. With my characters I had to be creative on the reasons why they would help, but they all did.

The warden gave basic details: the kids (all taken on their 16th birthday) mostly disappear around the club scene. He didn’t have any more details.

The group split up at this point. The first group (a practitioner, a journalist, and a white court cop) went to the practitioner’s book store to do research on rituals and creatures that depend on people that turn 16.

The second group (a cat-were, a were-spider, and a valkyrie-in-training) went to the club scene. While there they heard a bass thumping, but not music, coming from an invisible spot. As they were investigating it they were attacked by 4 thralls.

The entire party came together to fight the 4 at this point and defeated them. The practitioner opened his Sight and looked at the bodies to find strings attached that lead to an empty car that was veiled pumping out the bass. As the practitioner was figuring out how to stop the thumping and unveil the car the group was attacked again by 4 more thralls, this time more powerful. Again, defeated the thralls. Then they took down the veil which caused the car to explode (the veil was part of a circle meant to block the magic energy from destroying the technology).

The party then went back to a club/bar to find that all the drinks are laced with a magical potion/poison. This was found by the practitioner. He then turned his Sight onto the club owner to see he was the cause of the poison and also a white court vamp. As he did this the club owner pointed to him and sent his goons after the party. And that is where this part ended.



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