Teens Gone Missing

Redips journals

This one big ugly guy in a greatcoat and a big sword on his back came into the neutral bar and demanded that I and these people I was sitting with go investigate some disappearances of some 16 year old kids. I really wanted to say who cares, go find someone who does like their parents. i said yes because there was something worth my while to get out of it. SO I was scoping out this bar and I saw this one girl who was at the table. she was walking with a cat so I followed by roof top. They stopped near an area and there was these 4 weird guys walking like Nazis toward them. So as much of a loner as I am, I kept an eye on these guys cause like I said they were weird looking, all of a sudden they rushed toward the girl and her small cat. I jumped from the roof top down upon the 4 guys and bowled them over. So they got up and still 2 went after the girl and the cat and 2 came after me. She fended 2 of them off while I took the 2 on me out. Then all of a sudden this flamboyant guy who runs a MAGIC SHOP lol, shows up with a cop who is bad news to everyone and some insane wannabe journalist guy who’s crazier then a fruit cake. The journalist guy tries to hit on of the guys with the butt of his gun, so I charged that one and rammed it into the building to save his arse. The flamboyant shop owner shot a lightning bolt at one fighting the girl and missed badly. I do not think the books he is reading for spells is helping him at all. The cop she did nothing, I have seen her around she is bad news for us all. So then after we defeat those guys some more show up and we take them out. Then a car explodes and I follow mr journalist stealthily to see where he was going. Man he goes to some weird places, who in the right mind goes to talk to people from the DCF at 11pm at night…. So we all end up back the the neutral bar for freaks and geeks, and find out that the drinks at the bar I was scoping out were drugged with some magic poison. So we all go to that bar, that young girl brings her damn cat, what for no idea. We are in the bar, the tunes playing from the DJ SUCKED horribly, they need to play some real music. But magic shop owner looks around then hes looking at the owner of the bar and then the bar owner snaps his fingers and the bouncers are making there way towards the magic shop owner. I have never been good with names and I don’t care, maybe someday I’ll give them credit in my journals. There was one thing puzzling to me through the whole night. There was this one other chick sitting at the table with us when the big ugly guy with the sword came in, I saw her once more when we were all back at the bar then not again………… She is one who knows what I am and shes hiding from me, if she tries to spill my secret I will have to kill her, or my family will. Until next time.



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